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We work with laser to create
custom products that get noticed!

We etche and engrave different materials
with a precise beam of light (laser beam).

Our main product group consists of
glass, stone and wood designs, however,
we can engrave in other materials such as
plastic, ceramic, leather, brick and others..

Here is a sample list of what we can make:

- Photographs etched on mirror and wood
- Custom Plaques and Awards
- Name Badges
- Signage
- Model and prototype parts
- Etching in denim, leather
- Special projects for carpenters or craftsmen
- Wooden Toys
- Pet Memorials

Industries/markets/occupations that can benefit from our services:

- Photographers
- Gfit shops
- Interior Decorators
- Home Builders
- Restaurants
- Schools
- Organizers of sporting events
- Carpenters
- Architectural design firms
- Event Centers

Gift Suggestions/Ideas:

Benefits of laser engraving

Resolution. Our high powered CO2 lasers can engrave up to 1000 or 1200 dpi resolution.

Fine Detail. Laser is able to generate an average spot size of .003 inch. This tiny spot of laser energy creates even the smallest details in text and graphics. Laser engraving is a high level digital reproduction and is the best process for detail and clarity.

Cutting. Laser can cut plastic, wood, acrylic and so much more; it creats smooth, clean edges from detailed artwork.

Permanence. The process of laser engraving involves removal of the base material (wood, plastic, acrylic) and creates a very permanent mark. Laser engraving can not be scratched off like silk screening or pad printing.

Unique Options. Using a laser offers many unique options for creating new products. One example is the wood name badge. Similar to the old style of name badges, but laser engraved and cut from a wood sheet for a totally new look.

Metal Marking. Metal parts and plates can be laser engraved using special coating. Automotive, motorcycle, industrial and gift items can be engraved on using a laser. The result is a very permanent black engraving on metal which features excellent detail.

Sample Products

Sample Products

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