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What products can you engrave?

We can engrave the following:

- architectural models
- awards
- corporate gifts
- custom cabinets
- desk accessories
- decorative tiles
- electronic gadgets
- glassware
- key chains
- name badges
- notary seals
- photo albums
- picture frames
- promotional items
- rubber stamps
- signage
- sporting goods
- toys
- wine bottles

What materials can you use for all these engraving ideas?

We can use:

- acrylic
- anodized aluminum
- bamboo
- ceramic
- corian
- fabric
- glass
- granite
- laserable plastic
- leather
- marble
- matte board
- onyx
- paper
- pressboard
- rubber
- slate
- stone
- tile
- wood

What is the maximum size piece you can work with?

We can work with materials that are up to 18"x24"

What is the durability of the laser engraving/etching?

Laser engraving/etching will last as long as the material it is engraved on.

Can you add colour?

Yes we can. Color enhancement is created by hand painting and staining the pores of a material that we work with. This is an additional service and if coloring is required the etching cost will increase 30-50% depending on a project.

Do you create all your designs or can I submit my own design?

You can submit your own design. If the design needs any special adjustments we will let you know.

What does laser etching cost?

The price for engraved products is based on the following factors:

- the square inch of the item
- the type of the item (granite, marble, wood, etc)
- black & white or colorized finish

We encourage you to contact us with information on your specific needs.

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